Do we have to book? How do we book?

While booking isn't a requirement, we do strongly suggest it. The Craft tends to get busy at random times of day, so it's always better to be safe than sorry! We do have limited seating, and are usually fully booked at the weekends and on short school breaks. Summer holidays, right before Mother's Day and Father's Day, and the month of December are all very popular times as well. We suggest calling before you're set to leave and we'll pop a sign on a table to ensure you get a seat (booking is free!) to avoid disappointment.  Any party over 8 must always book out a private room due to space restraints.

Booking is easy! Just give us a call during our opening hours at 0141 243 2823, or send us an email at and we'll answer you back as soon as we possibly can. We're also quite responsive on Instagram DM if that's your bag!

How much does it cost?
Our cheapest item is £3 (small magnet or mug accessory) and our most expensive item is £34 (large, serving platter), with most items falling between £7 and £17. Everyone who paints will also pay a paint fee of £3 - which covers unlimited colours, unlimited time, glazing and firing.

Do I have to stay with my kids while they paint?
Yes, we require chaperones for any child under the age of 13. Please let us know how many people will turn up with your party (whether they are painting or not) when you are booking, so we reserve a table big enough to fit you all comfortably.

How long does it take to paint/create?
This is a hard one! Generally, young children will stay occupied for about 1 hour and older children/adults will take about 2-3 hours to select, design and finish pieces. You may think you'll be in and out in an hour no matter what, but trust us, it takes far longer than you think it will. It happens literally every day here! Please give yourselves at least 2 hours (preferably 2.5) before closing time to arrive, as our staff still have to clean up after everyone leaves. :)

How long will it take until the pieces are ready for collection?

In 99% of cases, pieces will be ready for pick-up within a week of painting. Sometimes it can be the middle of that week, but generally it's about a week to the day of painting. In extreme circumstances (kiln issues, etc.) they could be a day or two late, but we will always contact you as soon as this happens and will keep you posted on all details surrounding pick-up.


We aren't from Glasgow, can you mail our pieces to us?

Due to the delicate and one-of-a-kind nature of the pieces, we are unable to send anything in the mail. Unfortunately, we have had a few devastating situations due to the poor handling of parcels on their way home, and will not take this responsibility on again, no matter the circumstance. We suggest asking a friend or family member in the area to pick them up and send them on if there is absolutely no way for you to get back to the shop before you head home.

We're going on holiday. How long do you keep items for?
We will hold pieces for up to 8 weeks after initial contact for pick-up. If for some reason you require us to hold onto your item for longer than this, just let us know when you are paying and we will attach a note to the bag and keep it safe. After the 8 week period, we will contact you a final time allowing 2 further weeks of pick-up from that date. After this, we will donate all pieces to charity, as we have very limited space in the shop to hold forgotten items.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes! We provide vouchers of any amount. There are two options for purchase: You can pop in and pay by cash/card and we’ll print out a voucher in-store for you, or you can send the amount to our provided bank details (after enquiry) and we will send over a PDF for you to print. If you are sending online, just shoot us a note letting us know once it’s been sent so we can check our account. Also, we’ll need the name to make the voucher out to if paying online.

Can I pay by card?
Yes, we accept all major credit/debit cards, including American Express. There is a cash machine about a 5 minute walk away if you prefer to get cash out beforehand. We no longer use paper receipts, but will text or email a copy to you at time of sale.

Do you have coffee or tea? Can I bring my own food/drinks?
We do not sell any food or drink on premises, but we do have a water cooler on-site that you can help yourself to. There is a coffee/sandwich shop directly adjacent to our shop that is open on weekdays, with many others a short walk away at the weekends. We have a BYOB policy, with no corkage fee. This means you are free to bring in any food or drink you wish (including alcohol), even for private parties. We provide standard plastic cups, paper plates and a bottle opener for your use. Please bring anything you require outside of this!

I'm no artist...can you help me create/paint? 

We're here to help you let out some creative energy! That being said, we are also a busy shop with generally only 1 or 2 staff members on to run it all. We advise you have a quick online browse for some ideas before you come. Check out our Pinterest page for some painting inspo! We also have a creative corner full of stamps, sponges, stencils, pencils and other tools in the shop to help with your creation. All staff are friendly and knowledgable about all things design-related. Definitely ask us for colour selection advice, or the best way to fix a mistake, however, we won't be able to sit and paint with you all afternoon.

Do you do baby hand/footprints?

Yes! Depending on the look you're going for, we'll help you with capturing those precious prints. If you're more of a perfectionist, go for footprints, as they tend to work most smoothly. Handprints are totally cute, but will likely come out less like a "perfect" print, so just keep that in mind! They always look adorable either way. We do suggest bringing a friend or family member if at all possible, as it can sometimes be a 2-3 person job. If you want our help, please come during our quieter periods (weekdays, during the day - outside of school holidays) so we can dedicate as much time as necessary.

Do you have wheelchair access?

We are currently inaccessible for wheelchairs, as our pottery room and toilets are located up multiple flights of stairs. Our front door is only 59cm wide at the moment (we are working on this!). For more information and to chat through options, please email

Is there an age requirement?

Painting is open to all ages! Our pottery workshops have a requirement of ages 6 and up for hand-building and ages 8 and up for wheel lessons. Children younger than this have not yet developed certain muscle groups that are required for this type of pottery.

Frequently Asked Questions